Cemetery Rules




12.20.120 Fences, railings, decorations, and planting of vegetation.

Fences, railings, hedges and other obstructions and decorations other than flowers, vases, wreaths, and flags are prohibited, , and will be removed without notice.  All decorations of lots or spaces and planting of vegetation within the cemetery shall be under control, supervision, and direction of the superintendent, who will governed by the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

12.20.140 Prohibitions within cemetery

              No person in the town cemetery shall:

  1. Drive or ride any machine or animal on lots, lawns, or walks;
  2. Drive an automobile or other vehicle in excess of twenty (20) miles per hour or such lesser speed as shall be prudent under the conditions and circumstances then existing;
  3. Lunch or discard paper boxes and other unsightly articles in the cemetery;
  4. Cause any employee to do work for lot owners without and order from the superintendent or give any employee and valuable consideration to do work for the lot owner;
  5. Do work on the grounds, except by permission of the superintendent;
  6. Perform, or cause to be performed a burial in the cemetery on Sunday without a special permit therefor issued by the board of trustees on written recommendation of the health officers;
  7. Hunt or in any way disturb the birds or fowl or discharge any firearms, fireworks, or other missiles within or over any portion of the cemetery or around the gates, fences or roads adjoining the dame, expect as a prat of military funerals or similar occasions;
  8. Take any animal or permit any animal to be taken into the cemetery;
  9. Deface, damage, or destroy or injure any monuments, markers or other property or thing in the town cemetery.